Lothiansound began in 1988. The first tape was sent to around 40 visually impaired people and there are now hundreds of Listeners.

Early recordings were made in the Calton Community Centre, Montgomery Street and Dalry House, Edinburgh. The accommodation in both of these locations was shared. A move to the annexe of Queens Bay Lodge in 1989 afforded exclusive use of one room where all the recording, copying and administration took place. We were able to spread our wings in 1993 when we moved to a council flat in the Meadowbank area of Edinburgh. Rent increases and other problems encouraged us to source new premises. In April 2012, we moved to the Newington area of town. We now have the luxury of a quiet environment in which to record.

The Lord Provost of Edinburgh, Rt. Hon. E. McLaughlin was invited to become Honorary President of Lothiansound in 1990.

A Certificate of Service to the Community was awarded to Lothiansound in November 1994.

In April 1999, a civic reception was held in the City Chambers, Edinburgh to celebrate Lothiansound's 10th Birthday. This was hosted by Eric Milligan, Provost of Edinburgh, who was then Honorary President of Lothiansound.

Lothiansound won the Scottish Tape Competition (Newspaper Section) in 1994, 1996, 2000, 2002 and 2006. We also won the Best Readers category in the UK competition in 2002. These awards reflect hard work and dedication so freely given by all our Volunteers. You may be wondering why we have not won anything since 2006. This was the last year the competition was run.

January 2008 saw the first compact discs being sent to Listeners. In July 2015, we started rolling out memory sticks to Listeners. Players which have been specially designed for blind and partially sighted people are given to Listeners who need them.

In February 2013, a Reception was held in the Scottish Parliament to celebrate Lothiansound’s 25th Anniversary.