Lothiansound is like a lifebelt, tossed weekly to our Listeners who are unable to read the local papers. While a Talking Newspaper does not save lives, the Volunteers constantly strive to inform, entertain and cheer, 90 minutes a week. In order to achieve this aim, each equally important sector of the lifebelt relies on the next. Success is dependent on the hard work and commitment of the crew, without whom we are sunk!


Working away quietly in the background, the Admin team undertake these necessary but unseen tasks:

Each Listener has an identity number and two differently coloured padded, PVC wallets, used alternatively. The wallet label is housed in a plastic sleeve and has the Listener’s address on one side and Lothiansound’s on the other.

When the wallets are returned to the studio, they are emptied, the address labels are turned then packed into boxes ready for the Copiers.


The Committee co-ordinates the work of the Volunteers, and is responsible for:

Reading Teams

There are five Reading Teams, each consisting of a Teamleader, Article Editor, four Readers and a Sound Editor. There are reserves who cover during periods of illness and holidays.

The Teamleader introduces and closes the recording and generally acts as co-ordinator.

The Article Editor cuts out items of local news from the newspaper and attaches them to stronger, less noisy paper.

The Sound Editor records the Readers' every word then edits out any little mistakes. The Readers don't see the articles until they arrive at the studio to record, so there's no time to practise. This fact, coupled with the occasional misprint, means that even an experienced Reader can be caught out at times!

Each recording begins and ends with a cheery little tune, 'Waiata Poi', played by James Galway. After the Readers are introduced they read the news, sometimes describing pictures.

At the end of the session, the Sound Editor goes to work on the digital sound file and makes a master copy ready for the Copiers.

Memory Stick and CD Copiers

Memory Sticks are copied on a computer. The master CD is placed in a tower of CD writers and several copies are made at one time.

Once random copies are tested they are put into the Listeners’ wallets.

The Listener computer records are updated. The sacks of wallets are then taken to the local Post Office on their first step of the journey to the Listeners.

Become a Volunteer

If you would like to become a Volunteer with Lothiansound, please e-mail: info@lothiansound.org.uk or phone: 0131 661 2850.